Patreon is an easy and cheap way for you to show support for my creative endeavours. For a small monthly fee you will get access to a number of benefits not available through this site including:

Digital downloads such as:
*Chord Posters
*Cover Mp3s
*Backing Track Mp3s

Your name on the credits of my videos.
A dedicated email address to ask me for technical advice etc.
And anything else I can think of that would be of benefit to my members.

I have been creating videos on YouTube for 12 years (nearly 700 at the last count) that combined with my website equates to thousands of hours of work. If you enjoy my videos and would like me to be able to post them more often then please consider joining my Patreon (at least on the lower Tier of £2 per month) so that I will have the financial capability to expand on what I am able to offer you. Much appreciated - Alan.

Introducing my Patreon site:

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  1. Phil James says:

    This Patreon idea is brilliant Alan …. if just a portion of your 480K subscribers show the support you deserve, I’m confident the Patreon ranks will increase (if they have any kind of conscience!!)

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